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Indemnification Agreement for Low Speed Vehicle/Golf Cart Use

THIS AGREEMENT dated this_______ day of _________, _________ is by and between ________________, as Owners of rental property located at ____________(property), as Renters of said property from the period beginning ____________ to _____________.WHEREAS, Owners have a certain Low Speed Vehicle/Golf Cart located appurtenant to the property and are willing to allow the renters limited use of the Low Speed Vehicle/Golf Cart pursuant to certain terms conditions as more fully described herein; andWHEREAS, renters are desirous of using LSV/Cart during thier stay at the property pursuant to such terms and conditions as specified within this agreement;NOW, THEREFORE, for the agreed rental fee amount of $_____________ and other goods and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby specifically acknowledged, the parties agree as follows:

1).  For the limited use of the LSV/Cart, renter shall hold harmless, indemnify and defend the owners, and any agents, from the loss, damage or claims arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the LSV/Cart, including but not limited to theft, damages, injury, death, traffic violations, etc. Renters agree to use care and due diligence regarding the operation of the LSV/Cart and understand that any warranties as to its safety or operability are hereby specifically disclaimed by the owners.

2).  Renter shall pay to owner, or thier agent, a refundable damage deposit fee of (to be determined and agreed upon by rentor and rentee).(along with rental fee), refundable only upon the faithful performance of this agreement. Renter shall also provide a copy of a valid drivers license for each and every user of the LSV/Cart, and only licensed drivers will drive LSV/Cart.

3.)  If anyone without valid drivers license is found to be driving LSV/Cart, said LSV/Cart will be immediately confiscated and loss of full damage deposit, remaing rental fee and time will occur. No Loaning of LSV/Cart to anyone other than the person or persons who registered, agreed and signed contract.

4).  LSV/Cart may only be driven on roads stating a 35 MPH speed limit or less, driveways and or parking lots. LSV/Cart will not be driven on sidewalks, sand/beach, bike paths, golf courses or grounds. LSV/Cart is licensed as a Vehicle so seatbelts must be worn and all normal "rules of the road" must be adhered to. Any breaking of this contracts rules or State of Florida rules will forfeit LSV/Cart, unused rent and all time left on contract.

5).  If LSV/Cart is towed, renter will pay all charges connected with towing and return.....also for any damages incurred from towing company.

6).  Any damages renter incurs will be his/her full responsibility and any necessary charges to repair will be responsibility of renter.

7).  LSV/Cart must be parked in designated area at the home and pulled into evening designated spot at night....(owner will instruct).

8).  If key is not left at check-out, $50. will be charged.

9). Lessee must promptly disclose any known or suspected issues with LSV/Cart.

10). LSV/Cart must be cleaned and returned in same condition as received.

11). I have asked and/or understand how to operate LSV/Cart.

12).  Payment of LSV/Cart rental monies acknowledges that all rules and info in this agreement have been read, understood and agreed to of my own free will____________________________________.

13).  In the event of any action involving the owners to enforce (or defend) their rights under this Agreement, renters shall pay any and all fees and costs involved with such action. Owners reserve the right to choose their own counsel, and venue shall lie exclusively in _________________________________ County, Florida.

OWNERS:________________________________         RENTERS:_________________________________

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